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Custom Knitting

In the modern age of industrial production, it is never a problem to buy something to wear. But however rich is the variety of clothing, it is always limited to what somebody else has chosen to make. A ready to wear item can be close to what you need, maybe almost ideal, but it's never made just for you. That is one of the reasons why the ancient art of hand knitting is still in demand today, in our digital age of mass duplication.

Custom knitting gives you a product that isn't universal, but fits You, is comfortable for You, and lets Your individuality shine through. The first look we get is so often focused on the clothes we wear. The first impression is often so vital to success; not only in personal life, but in business as well. To be different, to be yourself, is the key to being noticed and appreciated for what you are.

Apart from that, custom hand knitting gives you clothes that are exactly your size, made from the source material you choose, and can be as organic and ecologically safe as you desire. The natural warmth of wool can make Winter seem shorter, and sleek silk items are cool in more ways than one in the Summertime. Traditional hand knitted clothes for babies are the healthiest way to dress up your child.

While for some of us knitting might be associated with thick socks a grandmother would knit for the children, this is a far cry from what knitwear can be like. Of course, nothing would be as warm and cozy as a woolen sweater, but knitwear can also be fashionable, elegant and slick!

Our small but efficient staff consists of highly skilled knitters with professional experience ranging from 20 to 30 years with various kinds of knitting. They have been working as sample makers for fashion houses and their knitwear has often been featured in runaway shows. We are more than prepared to assist you in selecting your style and bring your ideas into reality.

Our services include:

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services, or make an order request.

These are a few recent samples of our knitwear featured in fashion shows. Visit our Gallery to have a closer look at the quality of our work.

Please note that currently we do not provide clothes design services. Our experience allows us to assist the clients in their choice of a model, pattern and yarn. We can accept models from magazines, catalogs, and sometimes even a photograph is enough. You can find links to knitting magazines and yarn shops in our Links section, we hope those will help you find inspiration for ideas of what you would like us to knit for you.